Gwiddle provides free sub-domains to host your website upon, in addition to supporting the use of purchased domain names. Although there are some websites providing domains free-of-charge (.tk, .ga, .ml, .cf, .gq), we do not recommend using them for serious projects - they are prone to unreliability and may be blocked in some regions. For a permanent website, we recommend purchasing your domain from Mythic Beasts, our sponsor.

Plesk Configuration

You may either create a new website to use with your domain name, or edit an existing one. To edit an existing website, click the Websites and Domains tab and click Hosting Settings under your desired website. Change the following values:

  • Domain name - the full domain name you wish to use ( or

Domain Name DNS Configuration

After purchasing a domain from a registrar, you shall need to configure the domain name. This can be done via a portal on your registrar's website; you shall need to consult your registrar if you are unsure of where to find this. You will need to modify the DNS configuration for your domain name, which may be labelled DNS or Advanced DNS.

Remove the current value from the text box and replace with:

Nameserver 1


Nameserver 2


Website DNS Configuration

If you did not select Activate the DNS service when creating your website, you must do so now. To activate the DNS Service, click DNS Settings on the desired website from the Websites & Domains dashboard and click Enable.

You must now wait for the DNS to propagate, this could take 24 hours.

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