You can upload files to your website directly from your computer using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You will need a piece of software called an FTP Client installed on your computer. In this guide we will be using Filezilla, a multi-platform FTP Client, although the process should be the same for most clients.

Open the client and you will see the Site Manager. You will see an input form similar to the one below.

Connection Details

You will need to enter the following details into the input form. Configuration in different clients may vary.


Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol

Encryption: Require explicit FTP over TLS

Logon Type: Normal

User: Your Gwiddle username

Password: Your Gwiddle password

Connecting and Uploading

Click the Connect button to initiate the procedure. Once authenticated, you will see a list of directories in the right pane. Enter the directory of your website domain (

To upload files, drag them from the lower left pane (your computer) to the lower right pane (your website) or right click the file and click Upload. You can also upload multiple files, just select them according to your operating system and use the same process as described.

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