General Questions

Who is Gwiddle?

Gwiddle is a free, non-profit, student web-hosting service supplied by the Gwiddle Foundation - a charity run by volunteers with a passion for IT and the web. Gwiddle makes a fantastic launchpad for aspiring young designers, coders, and tech enthusiasts of all abilities with a drive to learn new skills. We have numerous support resources available, such as detailed documentation, quick-start guides and a dedicated support team - you'll never get lost!

Who is Gwiddle for?

Gwiddle is for anyone currently in full-time or part-time education (including apprenticeships). To register, we ask that you verify your student status either with your educational institution's email address, or a student ID card. You can read more here.

What are my resource allowances?

  • 2 Domains
  • 10 Mailboxes
  • 4 MySQL Databases
  • 3GB Bandwidth
  • 3GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • Node.js and PHP support

Can I bring my own domain?

Sure! As long as you have registered the domain you wish to use with a registrar, you can point it to your Gwiddle website. Domain names cost money, and can range from a few pennies to hundreds of pounds. A brilliant domain registrar is Mythic Beasts, whom we work with. We strongly do not recommend using 'free domains' provided by Freenom (.tk, .ga, .ml, .cf, .gq) for serious projects, since they are prone to unreliability and are blocked in some regions. You can read more using domain names in our documentation, here.

Where can I get help?

Gwiddle has detailed documentation, and a support help desk.

Can I put advertisements on my website?

We disallow advertisements on all sites, even if published for educational purposes. We're a non-profit, ad-free service, so please return the favour by keeping your website ad-free too.

Where can I donate?

We really appreciate the fantastic support of the community! We have a donation facility available on the Gwiddle Foundation website. All money goes towards the running costs on Gwiddle, such as domain names and promotional material; all our staff are volunteers and receive no wage. In addition, you help Gwiddle when buying a product (such as a domain or SSL certificate) through our sponsor, Mythic Beasts, who generously donate our servers and equipment!

Can I help?

Sure! If you think you can provide Gwiddle with new skills and fresh ideas, check our our volunteer opportunities.

Technical Questions

What software can I use on Gwiddle?

Most standard web technologies are compatible with Gwiddle. We support PHP based web-software, and also provide MySQL databases required to hold data. Securing a site with SSL using a certificate is also available. Many of our users have successfully set up software such as WordPress, Drupal, phpBB and EsoTalk. However, we don't allow Gwiddle to be used as a file server, and so prohibit the installation of storage software such as OwnCloud.

How reliable are you?

We work our hardest to try and provide you with a reliable service, however, outages do happen.

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